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Morning Links for Sept. 27, 2013
Hummingbird, job numbers, Kanye caps and an Obamacare "endgame."

Morning Links has emerged with some stories, posts and pithy commentary you may have missed, because the Internet is a very big place.

  • The search algorithm behind Google is now called Hummingbird, according to Information Week. Something called "The Knowledge Graph" allows queries to yield more complex responses. For example, if you search for "cute cats," you may receive results for multiple breeds and also an academic study on the psychological effects of cuteness.
  • A bombing on a bus in Pakistan killed at least 17, The New York Times reports. A "Taliban splinter group" has taken responsibility for the attacks and claims it was in retaliation for American drone strikes.
  • Kanye West launches a caps attack on Jimmy Kimmel over a skit on the latter's show. That could totally be lingo: caps attack. You heard it here, folks. Pay no attention to this.
  • And in the sporting/bicycle world, former Madison mayor Dave Ciewslewicz has arisen to the post of executive director of the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin, as The Active Pursuit reports.

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