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An Introduction and Four Brothers
Back in 2007, Bud Selig, Herb Kohl, Steve Marcus and Frank Gimbel sat down for lunch. Here's what happened.

As the editor of Milwaukee Magazine for a hectic six weeks now, I’ve finally found the time to start a blog. It will run occasionally, whenever I’m struck with a terrifically brilliant (or hopelessly lame) idea, or just the unrelenting need to vent. The blog will run at random, hence the name. (I’m aware there’s a bar with the same name in Milwaukee’s Bay View neighborhood. And I’m hoping they will buy me a Tiki Love Bowl some day.)

A brief introduction: Born and raised in the Milwaukee area, I’ve worked as a reporter and writer for several newspapers and magazines over the years in Colorado, Minnesota and Wisconsin. I joined the staff of Milwaukee Magazine in 1998. One thing led to another, and in 2003 I was asked to sit in as acting editor. That lasted – persisted! – for nearly a year and a half, after which I gratefully returned to my duties as a writer and reporter.

In March of 2012, I left the magazine to work on a couple of book projects. (I seem to always to have a book project going on the side, whether I’m writing, editing or ghostwriting.)

I was minding my own business when, out of the blue, in late July, I was asked by Milwaukee Magazine’s long-time publisher and president, Betty Quadracci, to return to the magazine – this time as full-time editor. I hemmed and hawed for a couple of days, but returned enthusiastically in mid-August to work with a talented staff brimming with boundless creativity and scintillating ideas. (The brown-nosing flows both ways at Mil Mag.)

I’m kicking off this new blog today by referring to an article I wrote in 2007 titled “Four Brothers.” It’s a story based on a long interview with four college fraternity brothers – Bud Selig, Herb Kohl, Steve Marcus and Frank Gimbel – each of them remarkably successful, and all of them friends to this day.

The interview, one of the most enjoyable I’d ever done, took place over lunch on a Saturday at Jake’s Deli at 17th and North Ave., which was co-owned by Selig. The foursome pulled up chairs, ordered hotdogs and soft drinks, and suddenly, they were 18 years old again, laughing, joking, ribbing each other. I had never seen these guys so loose and unguarded, especially Selig, who, seized by hearty belly laughs, nearly fell off his chair once or twice.

Highlighting the interview here seems appropriate, given Selig’s announcement Thursday that he will leave his 22-year job as Commissioner of Major League Baseball after the 2014 season.

Enjoy the read.

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