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Morning Links for Sept. 26, 2013
300 sandwiches, a nose on the forehead, and a flesh-eating drug.

Sizzling hot. That’s what we call this edition of Morning Links. Better than a triple-shot espresso:

  • A Chinese man who damaged his nose in an accident is growing a replacement nose on his forehead. Yes, a nose on the forehead. Interesting thing is this is apparently a common reconstruction technique.

  • Would you make 300 sandwiches to get an engagement ring? Stephanie Smith is trying her damnedest to get a proposal from her boyfriend. But the boyfriend told her, “Honey, you’re 300 sandwiches away from an engagement ring.” Of course the woman is writing about this. Click here.

  • Montana Activists are outraged over the “lenient” sentence a judge imposed for an admitted rapist. After serving 31 days, Stacey Rambold will be on probation for 14 years. The former high school teacher admitted to raping a 14-year-old girl, who later committed suicide. The judge is also under fire for his comments, such as saying the girl “was as much in control of the situation” and “seemed older than her chronological age.”

  • Lamar Odom is “holed up” in a private LA home and “his life is revolving around” crack and two ladies. It doesn't appear this his wife, Khloe Kardashian, is one of them. This news comes from the esteemed TMZ.com.

  • American Toxicologists are freaking out after learning that the potentially deadly drug Krokodil has been found in the U.S. The drug, whose effects are said to be similar to heroin, causes an addict's skin to turn scaly and green and  "eventually rot away."

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