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Underground Meats' Kickstarter Campaign
The Madison salami maker is raising funds to make cured meat production more accessible and safe.

                                                 Photo by Adam Ryan Morris 

Madison’s Underground Meats produces salami and cured meats sold at local restaurants (Hinterland, Odd Duck) and grocery stores (Glorioso’s). Their saucisson, Tuscan salami, and nduja (spreadable salami) are so good (a few tantalizing links are in the photo above), we gave them some ink in our “Food Lover’s Guide” in the May 2013 issue. The company just launched a campaign on Kickstarter to help them publish an open-source food safety model for making USDA-certified dry-cured salami. What having a published plan like this means is that other small salami makers will have access to the rules, regulations and safety procedures of operating a charcuterie production facility. (Plans like this are hard to come by.) The Kickstarter funds will also help Underground expand its reach nation-wide. The funding period ends Oct. 12. 

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