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Morning Links for Sept. 25, 2013
A brief look at some new looks.

Apparently, Milwaukeeans are in a mood to change how things look around here. Or to run a long way before defusing a bomb.

  • Northwestern Mutual shared the design for its new Downtown Milwaukee 32-story tower, and a Wall Street Journal headline dubs it a "Silicon Implant." That's a play off the inspiration for the tower's open-concept interior, a feel popularized by Silicon Valley companies. The $450 million project will sport a sleek, curved-glass exterior and will reshape Milwaukee's skyline.
  • Speaking of refurbishments, now you know what how the finished product will look when the Milwaukee Bucks redo their hardwood floor. With the help of Larry Sanders and John Henson and a Tuesday-night party at the Milwaukee Art Museum, the team unveiled its new design, one that riffs off the old MECCA court. It was such a big deal, they brought back Hall of Fame announcer Eddie Doucette to say a few words. WTMJ-AM 620 has more, including an interview with Doucette.
  • One of the Bucks who played on that original MECCA court may be leaving his basketball coaching dreams behind. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar pursued several coaching gigs during the offseason, including one with the Bucks, but failed to land any of them. Now, according to the New York Daily News, Abdul-Jabbar says he may stop pursuing such jobs and focus on his writing. Abdul-Jabbar is promoting his new book, Sasquatch in the Paint.
  • And finally, if you ever need someone to run a mile in a 75-pound bomb disposal suit, call Ashley Sorensen. The Milwaukee native - an Army 1st lieutenant who's stationed in Hawaii - did the deed in 11 minutes, 6 seconds, a world-record time by more than two minutes. Guinness is in the process of certifying it, but in the meantime, you can check out Hawaiian TV station KITV for video of the feat.

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