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Of a Saucy Nature
A pizzeria's closing, and a special dinner at Classic Slice.

                                                   Classic Slice photo by John Cizmas

More Than Crust
It’s tempting to pigeon-hole Classic Slice as just a pizza joint. Consider the name. And consider the slices in the photo above. But in about a week’s time, Classic Slice will show how it can flex its “non-pizza muscles,” as owner Marisa Lange puts it. Next Tuesday's four-course Fall Dinner includes antipasti served family style, mushroom risotto, a main course of either smoked pork tenderloin or smoked tofu, and a sticky toffee pudding dessert. The dinner is at the East Side location (1609 E. North Ave.). Four courses $30; with wine pairings and craft cocktails $50. Oct. 2, 7 p.m. To reserve a seat, call now! Just a few spots are still open: 414-270-1880.

Ovens Off
Speaking of pizza, Shorewood is down a pie place. Salvatore’s Pizzeria (2213 E. Capitol Dr.), which opened in the former Gianelli’s Pizza storefront, has put the brakes on pizza and everything else. The Vella family, owner of Peter Sciortino’s Italian Bakery, closed the 16-month-old restaurant last Sunday. The Vellas are busy running Sciortino’s (1101 E. Brady St.) and overseeing its expansion – so busy that having another business to run, while profitable, had “become more of a headache,” says Rhiana Vella. Her husband Joe, his brother Luigi and sister Maria Sali own Sciortino’s, which manages more than 150 wholesale accounts. The new building will increase production space for the bakery. “Right now, we are bottle-necked,” Vella. The new building may be up by the end of this year, she says.

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