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Wedding Makeup Milwaukee-Style
Tips from a local beauty pro.

Makeup by Lynee Ruiz and Laura Hiatt. Photo by Emily Steffen Photography.

Believe it or not, our Fashionista Lynee Ruiz isn't constantly writing for our website. She's also a hair and makeup stylist, and recently returned from New York's fashion week, where she did runway hair. She also does wedding styling, and as you can see in the photo above, knows her stuff. She let us in on a few beauty tips of her own when it comes to creating the perfect wedding look.

1. Less is more. Play up either the eyes or the lips, not both. If you decide to do a deeper smokey eye, go for a nude or pink lip. Want your lips to make a statement? Go for a more natural eye.

2. When in doubt, always go to a professional. Unsure if you can perform your best makeup look? Go to a professional. And always schedule a trial before your big day.

3. If you're most comfortable doing your own look but need to learn how to perfect it, my favorite makeup tutorial video's are by Pixiwoo.

4. Consider eyelash extensions. Salon Nova in Brookfield is known for some of the best lash extensions. The best part? No mascara is needed, so you don't have to worry about a mess if you get a little teary. Bonus: If you're heading to your honeymoon right after the big day, your luscious lashes will last through the trip.

5. Airbrush makeup is a favorite among many brides lately. It's a little heavier than traditional makeup, but you'll be much happier when you see your photos. The ladies pictured above had airbrush makeup done by Laura Hiatt and me.

6. To make your lipstick last all night, use a lip liner a shade darker than your lip color. Line your lip and then fill your entire lip with the liner as well. Put the lipstick over. For an extra pop, dab a little gloss with gold flecks in the center of your lower lip.

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