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Coffee Festival Draws About 500
The first in what may become a tradition transpired on Saturday.
The Milwaukee Coffee Festival, which put on its first extravaganza on Saturday, is reporting that some 500 people showed up at the Urban Ecology center to hobnob with vendors and participate in a number of classes. A small group called the Milwaukee Coffee Guild -- intended as much for coffee customers as for the roasters and servers themselves -- put on the day's activities, after getting its feet wet (IN COFFEE) with a number of prior cuppings and related events.

The city's black-gold scene is enjoying a particularly vigorous moment with major new Stone Creek and Anodyne cafes in the Fifth and Third wards, alongside Colectivo's shiny new signage. First-rate establishments now run from Shorewood on down to Bay View in a Coffee Alley you won't mind wandering into alone.

For more shots from Saturday's festival, see the Flicker page.

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