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Paleontology of a Woman Fashion Show Recap
With lots of photos.
Words – no matter how poetic – could not describe the imaginative spectacle on Saturday night at the Milwaukee Public Museum. Timothy Westbrook presented his first fashion show, "Paleontology of a Woman," post-Pfister residency and a "Project Runway" stint.

“Dinosaurs are cool because they’re not fossil fuels,” says the sustainability- focused fiber artist and designer (though fossil fuels were once plants and animals). Westbrook created the wearable art pieces and shoes from re-purposed materials like plastic bags, vintage clothing, refuse from "Project Runway," and old curtains, bed sheets and table cloths. As you'll soon see, the show was an extremely literal interpretation of sustainable/dinosaur themes. 

He collaborated with 10 other Milwaukee artists for jewelry design, wardrobe styling, music composition and movement choreography.  All of the looks you will see in the slideshow below are for sale. More information about that here.

Created with flickr slideshow.

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