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Cut Lines for Sept. 20, 2013
Milwaukee's unofficial fashion week "initiative" kicks off Sunday and more.

It's the third leg of fashion month, and I'm exhausted just thinking about it. Just kidding. Head over to Style.com to catch up on the shows, including the much-raved offerings from Prada. And then read the rest of the fashion bits. 
  • Milwaukee's unofficial fashion week "initiative" kicks off this Sunday. A full schedule of events can be found here. The week of events includes a host of cocktail parties, market-type events, as well as one oddly-placed fashion show for dogs. 
  • Racism on the runway. It's a real (biannual) problem, but this season it seems as if designers have made baby steps in an inclusive direction. 
  • Are you someone who buys something - a going-out dress, let's say - only to wear it once and then return it? Welp, that's a form of fraud and department store giant Bloomingdale's is making big moves to curb it. 
  • The New Yorker has a scathing mini-profile of a new women's site dubbed Bustle.com, and its founder, the 30-year-old man who started sports site BleacherReport.com. As it happens, the magazine didn't need much effort of its own to prove how little this founder knows about women.  
  • Actress Thandie Newton and makeup artist Kay Montano have launched a beauty site that will, refreshingly, cover beauty in all its diverse forms. "Acceptance, inclusivitydiversity are not words you normally get with beauty talk. Perhaps it's about time," Montano told The Cut. Indeed.

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