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You Should Know Dinosaur Feathers
Prehistoric guitar pop from Brooklyn

Photo courtesy of Dino Feathers' Facebook page.

In this edition of "You Should Know," we delve into the prehistoric world of Dinosaur Feathers. This quirky, beach-infused guitar pop band has risen to prominence in the hipster haven of Brooklyn since its inception in 2009. Road warriors from the beginning, Dinosaur Feathers sets out on their most ambitious road trip yet, the "Ancient Predators Tour" with fellow New Yorkers Shark?.

Check Them Out
Thursday night at Linneman's Riverwest Inn with Shark? and Milwaukee's own Crappy Dracula at 9 p.m.

What's The Big Deal?
In order to stand out from the crowd of Vampire Weekend clones dotting the current New York music landscape, a band has to bring a unique spin to the lo-fi world beat pop genre that has taken hold. Fortunately for Dinosaur Feathers, a shortage of influence is not an issue. Rooted firmly in nostalgic '60s melodies and African-style drumming, the band careens wildly onward incorporating everything from Beach Boys-flavored surfer pop harmonies to White Stripes-type fuzzed out guitar rock. The result is a wholly unique brand of warm and inviting pop music that is impossible not to toe-tap along with.

Dinosaur Feathers established its road warrior mentality immediately after forming, finding it all but impossible to turn down show offers. Tours across the country have become the norm for the band, all in support of their well-received albums Fantasy Memorial (debut LP) and this spring's Whistle Tips. The road has not always been kind to Dinosaur Feathers, though. In a regrettable incident this January, the band's van was broken into in Brooklyn and nearly all of their equipment stolen. Fortunately, Dinosaur Feathers is a group with connections, and bands from around the country, including Carnivores, BRAINSTORM and Radical Dads, donated tracks to THIEF! Dinosaur Feathers Benefit Mixtape.

How's The Latest Album?
Dinosaur Feathers' 2010 debut LP Fantasy Memorial met with some positive publicity, but showcased a band that had yet to truly zero in on its sound. Whistle Tips features a much more focused, precise effort from the band. Not that it's an overly polished production (there is still a solid lo-fi vibe on full display), but the musicianship and songwriting are tighter and more defined.

The improved production and stylistic confidence translate into songs that have more girth than the band's previous efforts. The melodic hooks and soaring harmonies that serve as the band's hallmark are only accentuated by the souped up guitar and drum bite. The finished product comes across as upbeat and sleek while managing to avoid the saccharine pitfalls that can at times consume similar artists in pop purgatory.

What People Are Saying
"While so many bands have recently taken to the beach-pop phase, this band knows to push their vibe into a solid state, leaving little room for dreamy sounds."

- Adam Vitcavage, Paste Magazine

"Dinosaur Feathers have turned in an almost entirely carefree pop record without sounding trite or vapid, and established themselves as gifted tunesmiths not afraid to make a little noise."

- Charlie Duerr, Consequence of Sound

Listen to Dinosaur Feathers' Whistle Tips here.

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