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Ryan Braun Back in Milwaukee
Brewers slugger sighted at Miller Park and AIDS Resource Center.
It's not quite on par with the swallows returning to Capistrano, or JD Salinger showing up... well... anywhere before he passed to the great beyond. But reports have surfaced that Ryan Braun spent at least part of today reconnecting with Milwaukee Brewers teammates at Miller Park.

Braun has kept an exceedingly low profile since August, when he accepted being suspended for the rest of the 2013 season due to violations of the sport's performance-enhancing drug policy. He's released two statements - one brief, one stretching for more than 900 words - in which he fessed up to his wrongdoing, though he's yet to make comments in a public forum.

But there are indications that he's quietly taking something of a grassroots approach to rebuilding his image. He's called some Brewers season-ticket holders to offer an apology. Earlier this month, he did some work with Habitat for Humanity in California. And FOX6 reports that he delivered lunch to the AIDS Resource Center in Milwaukee today.

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