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Morning Links for Sept. 18, 2013
You'll want to take a look. At most of it, anyway.

Some things, like artistic basketball courts and crop formations, just make you want to stare. Other things... well... don't.

  • Gov. Scott Walker giveth some of what he tooketh away. Walker has allocated some $2 million to help Milwaukee deal with its blighted property problem, partially restoring funds that he'd chopped from the earlier state budget. In announcing the decision, Walker cited public safety concerns, while Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett simultaneously lauded the decision and said it's only a beginning. Wisconsin Public Radio has a report.
  • The Milwaukee Bucks, in a nod to nostalgia, are changing their hardwood to artwood. The team plans to unveil its new, Robert Indiana-inspired home court during a Tuesday night reception at the Milwaukee Art Museum. Indiana, you'll recall, designed the popular court that the Bucks played on during their MECCA days. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has more details on how the new court came about, the roles played by Ben Koller and Reggie Baylor, and a pilgrimage to Indiana himself.
  • Donald Driver was already big in Wisconsin. Now, thanks to one creative farm, the former Green Bay Packers wide receiver is bigger than ever. Check out the photos, courtesy of TMJ 620.
  • The Chicago Tribune's Rex Huppke weighs in on Milwaukee's plan to fight icy roads with cheese brine, and links it to Obamacare.
  • And finally, if you hadn't heard about the nude man... who wanted to support a drug habit... but got caught in a ventilation shaft... while trying to rob a Milwaukee veterinary clinic... well... read on. WTMJ has all the naked details. Police call him a "cat burglar." We'd amend it to skinned cat.

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