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Morning Links for Sept. 17, 2013
More details on yesterday's shooting, no more letter grades and cheesy roads.
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  • We have more details about the shooting in Washington, D.C., yesterday as the investigation gets under way. A total of 13 people – including the gunman – died in the attack yesterday. A motive for the shooter has yet to be discovered.
  • ABC took a different route in the speculation of who will get the nomination for the top spot at the Federal Reserve and listed 10 celebrities who could handle the job. Don’t worry, it’s just a joke.
  • Milwaukee Public Schools is one of many districts to do away with letter grades in an effort to present a better picture of a student’s progress. One of the keys in the new system is to separate academic progress from social skills.
  • This winter, Milwaukee plans to fight icy roads with cheese brine instead of salt. Bloomberg Businessweek sat down with Moe Norby, the technical support manager at Polk County’s Highway Department, where cheese brine has been used for years.

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