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Meet Your Man of Milwaukee
Based on nothing more than his great facial hair.

If all the hullabaloo surrounding Miss New York’s landmark win last weekend is making you lose hope in humanity, we’d like to offer up a lighter, less despair-inducing piece of news. Chad McGraw, a 33-year-old manufacturing engineer in Milwaukee, was recently named the “Wahl Man in Milwaukee,” after he showed up the competition with his righteously groomed sideburns and ’stache. He received 500 bucks and a nifty trimmer as a prize. Although he’s not quite sure what he’ll do with the cash prize, he hasn’t yet ruled out commissioning a bearded self-portrait. (Realistically though, he’s a bit too humble for that; he thinks he’ll probably end up using it for vacation money instead.)

McGraw comes from a family of other bearded fellows, though he’s one of the first to step outside traditional styling.  He showed up at Wahl’s mobile tent at the Wisconsin State Fair with a full beard, and he allowed on-site stylists to reshape his facial hair as they saw fit. They left him with a sophisticated “friendly mutton chops” look – a much more toned-down version of famed Union Army general Ambrose Burnside’s signature face fuzz. The Wahl Man of Milwaukee was chosen based on a slew of factors, including facial hair creativity, enthusiasm, general neatness and others.

If you see him around Milwaukee, make sure to congratulate him. He’s still in the running to become Wahl’s “Man of the Year,” so he’d probably appreciate the good vibes.

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