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That's What I Like About The Mil.

Someone called me “angry” the other day. I got angry at her when she said it, because I am normally not an “angry” character. They offered up some more pearls of constructive criticism by querying me, “How are you ever supposed to get in the Black – the positive – and stay there if you are always negative about something or other?” Still angry, I retorted, I like lots of things about Milwaukee and to prove it, I made a quick list…

10. I like that in Milwaukee, there are tons of places to learn and continue your education and many for free, if you look. There are always free sessions, opportunities to audit or sit in on a class or workshop, and lots can be learned from our local learning institutions websites.

9. I like that in Milwaukee, you don’t have to go far to enjoy culture from other places, particularly food. I am excited to be able to go to India on Monday, China on Wednesday and to West Africa on Friday, all without leaving my own comfort zone.

8. I love that in Milwaukee, there are park trails, many safe, that you can just walk down and enjoy the natural beauty that is abundant in this “farm town.”

7. I love that in Milwaukee, there is a bountiful arts and entertainment scene. Linking up to an events calendar was especially helpful to me in order to stay in the know about whose visiting us and why.

6. I like that in Milwaukee, people are passionate about their politics, even when their politics may be unpopular. Apathy is arduous and painful to endure.

5. I like that in Milwaukee, you can buy a car, almost anywhere, of almost any value.

4. I love that in Milwaukee, people support the sports teams, even when they are the loosin’est!

3. I love that in Milwaukee, that there are many different news media outlets to receive the kind of news, you like to receive.

2. I love that in Milwaukee, our Mayor fights, literally for what is right! 

1. And the thing I love most about Milwaukee is that most people aren’t afraid to speak their minds, even when no one asked them to share.

See, an angry woman, couldn’t find 10 positive things about her city of residence – she’d be too angry to consider the task. You next…What to you love about this city? I dare you to make your own love list. Twas’ kinda’ freeing.

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