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Morning Links for Sept. 12
A "Breaking Bad" parody, a vegan battle, and the butt-ugliest animal in the world.
We're visual people. That's why Morning Links gives you things to look at, as well as read. The Jimmy Fallon parody included below? Watch it, yo.

  • And the award for the ugliest animal goes to… the blobfish? There are some ugly animals out there, but this gelatinous bugger really takes the cake. And now it’s the official mascot of the Ugly Animal Preservation Society.

  • Wish I had time to sit around watching parodies by Jimmy Fallon. But you might. And you should. Fallon’s “Joking Bad” (a play on the AMC series “Breaking Bad”) is really a gas, yo. Actor Bryan Cranston makes a cameo. Watch the video here.

  • A pot belly is the bane of aging men everywhere. (I can say that as a concerned female.) What is to blame for the swelling mid-section? Docs are now saying falling levels of the female hormone estrogen.

  • NBC's "Today” is the number-two morning show. What's it doing to crawl back on top? Bringing in Carson Daly to host a regular segment called the Orange Room -- called a "first-of-its-kind digital studio." 

  • Vegans are gearing up for some battle. It's the Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte battle. Seems that if you order the latte with soy milk instead of cow's milk, the beverage still has dairy in it. Condensed milk! There's now a petition at Change.org. 

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