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Canadian traffic, Starbucks cat baths and a beef jerky shortage
And other highlights of a day on the road from Jaill's Vinnie Kircher

Photo by Adam Ryan Morris

After a crazy couple months that found Milwaukee mainstay Jaill putting out its award-winning sophomore album on Sub Pop Records, celebrating the release with a raucous bowling alley show, opening for The Hives at Summerfest and being underdogs, the band has been fairly quiet around these parts recently. To figure out where they city’s most accomplished indie rock band has been of late,
Music Notes used our intrepid reporting skills (looking at the Sub Pop website) to discover the band has kept busy touring the country in support of its latest, Traps.

In July, Jaill headed out to play a bevy of concerts out west. Currently, the band’s putting the finishing touches on an east coast swing, before regrouping briefly and going to Europe. Along the way, we got in touch with Jaill singer/guitarist Vinnie Kircher and requested he fill us in on some events of the road. Thankfully, he obliged and was kind enough to provide the following tour update.

Sept. 6th was day two of our east coast tour with the awesome Brooklyn by-way-of Denton, Tex. band Fergus and Geronimo and we were on our way to Toronto. “On our way” is a term I use loosely because we hadn't moved in 35 minutes. There was a major traffic accident 100 yards ahead of us that stopped both directions of traffic. The van is off, and the sun is beating in. We haven't eaten anything that day except beef jerky, granola and water that tastes like the plastic container it comes in. This is because after playing Detroit the previous night, we got up early to get to a radio performance in Mississauga (Ontario), half hour outside of Toronto with no time to eat and no coffee. Bah. Crossing the border was very interrogatively obnoxious, but after a little over an hour, we made it through, eh.

We were still on schedule to make it on time ‘till this jam up. We were uncertain of the extent of the accident ‘till a kind Canadian trucker came to our window, nearly getting run over by cops and ambulances, to say, “Yup, get comfy. It's going to be a while. Big accident, BIG accident, yup.” Andy replied, “Yup, looks like,” and the trucker left. We started smoking cigarettes and talking ‘bout things like Neil Young, Terrance and Philip. We'd been waiting an hour when cars started pulling into the ditch to turn around, and this all seemed to be directed by an elderly gentleman flailing his hands erratically and pointing. He comes up to our van and says to do the same, we agree and do nothing. Few minutes later, a very skinny cop comes to our window to say turn around or wait another six hours. Andy starts turning around, and the skinny cop starts barking “BACK! BACK! BACK! BACK! CRANK IT! CRANK IT! CRANK IT! CRANK!” all the while Andy was moving back with the wheel cranked.

We got around the accident, moving again. We’re going to the radio super late and we just shrug, pathetically, laughing. The day sounds like it’s going rough, but really, everything about it has been funny as hell.

The radio show goes well and the show at the club was rocking.

The night ends with both our bands asking the club to be able to sleep on the stage. They kick us out and we both go towards a park in downtown to sleep in our vans. Oddly, it was a great night of sleep, lots of it.  In the morning we wake up, go to Starbucks to cat bath in the bathroom, drink coffee and shove off to Montreal. The drive is filled with laughs about nicknames for John, and listening to a tape of Nilsson's The Point.

This trip will eventually take us through Boston, N.Y., and all the way down to Atlanta and around back to home. It's going smooth, and getting smoother, but the beef jerky is totally gone.

Jaill plays the final show of its East Coast tour Sept. 19. After a short return home, Kircher and co. will tour Europe, playing 18 shows spread throughout United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, France, Italy and Belgium between Sept. 26 and Oct. 16.

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