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Morning Links for Sept. 10, 2013
It's hot. Stay inside and read.
It's another September day that thinks it's mid August. Escape the heat with these cool reads.

  • After a supposedly off-the-cuff  remark by Secretary of State John Kerry, Russia proposed that Syria surrender all its chemical weapons. And CNN is reporting that Syria has accepted. Many are skeptical of the plan, and the details still have to be worked out. 
  • While her husband works on Syria, First Lady Michelle Obama is taking on another cause: sugary sodas. Obama and actress Eva Longoria will visit Watertown High School to promote drinking water rather than sugary sodas. It’s no coincidence that the town’s name has “water” in it and that it’s home to Wis-Pak, a large manufacturer and distributor of Pepsi products.
  • The Journal Sentinel looks at the murky non-profit status of United Sportsmen of Wisconsin Inc., a group that recently lost a $500,000 state grant. 
  • A golf course in Verona, Wis, is backing down after complaints started rolling in about a $9.11 commemorative rate for Sept. 11’s anniversary tomorrow. The course has been offering the special since the 10th anniversary.

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