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Hinterland's Hank Shaw Dinner
Food blogger/author Shaw joins the resto staff for a five-course meal inspired by his new book.

                                         Cover of Hank Shaw's book, Duck, Duck, Goose

On the first of October, Sacramento-based food blogger Hank Shaw will embark on his 39-state book tour, arriving in Milwaukee around the middle of the month. Shaw – whose James Beard Award-winning blog (Hunter Angler Gardener Cook) sums up his way of life. The former line cook and newspaper reporter is particularly keen on foods that “people don’t eat much anymore,” he’s said, referring to pigeon. He’s got other birds on his mind in Duck, Duck, Goose, which he’s promoting with a book signing/dinner at Hinterland (222 E. Erie St., Third Ward) on October 16. The restaurant is accepting reservations now. The $65, five-course meal will include: a cured goose paired with mushrooms prepared two ways, offal based on the Tuscan dish cibreo (a pasta with chicken parts like gonads and livers), Luna Stout smoked goose, and a dessert made with duckfat pastry. Reception 6:15 p.m.; dinner 7:15 p.m. Shaw will be cooking along with the Hinterland staff, and will offer signed copies of his book for $20. Reserve a spot now: 414-727-9300.

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