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Morning Links for Thursday, Aug. 8
Beyonce's new short hair, a mystery priest, and weed (yeah, the smoking kind)!
While you're enjoying your Frosted Flakes, there is news happening in the world. News that deserves your attention. Like these five morning must-reads:

  • There was one casualty when an aircraft landed at an Indonesian airport – a cow. Upon landing, the airplane took down a cow that was wandering on the runway. Alas, the animal did not survive. No one on the plane was injured.

  • Why Beyoncé, we barely recognize you! The singer is now sporting a pixie hair cut, inspiring a floodgate of reactions all over the world. Sort of.

  • Man, I love my water. I can’t get enough of it. Because, well, I can't live without it. But do I really want to go to a restaurant with a 45-page water menu? A restaurant that employs a water sommelier? Well, this Los Angeles restaurant has both.

  • The above-mentioned cow was evidently not visited by the Mystery Priest. A man of the cloth, dressed in black, arrived at the scene of a Missouri car accident. While emergency workers attended to the critically injured teen victim, a priest arrived seemingly out of nowhere and began praying with the victim, who amazingly began to improve. Though many photos were taken at the scene of the wreck, the priest is oddly not in any of them. He vanished…

  • CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta used to say it’s “hard to make a case for medicinal marijuana.” Why he’s now singing a different tune.

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