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Russ Feingold's Gettin' Hitched
That's one less Rhodes Scholar in the dating pool.
The last we heard from the former Wisconsin senator, he was blithely chatting with his hometown newspaper about his impending appointment to a post within the U.S. State Department.

Now, out of nowhere, somebody goes and reports that the roguish ex-statesman is getting hitched again. Married!

Feingold has reportedly applied at the Dane County Clerk's Office for a marriage license, his third ever. The pol first married Sue Levine in the 1970s, after a courtship that began at UW-Madison, and he went on to tie the knot a second time with Mary Erpenbach, sister of Democratic State Sen. Joe Erpenbach.

Their 2005 divorce was the end of Feingold's presidential aspirations (if he ever really had them). You can survive one divorce and run for president but not two. Them's the rules.

Isthmus in Madison has the matrimonial scoop this time but not the name of the woman because the clerk's office declined further comment. Time to bring in the Wisconsin Freedom of Information Council.

Perhaps it's the blonde forty-something woman Feingold was spotted taking a stroll with on a breezy summer night in 2010?

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