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Black Sheep Opens Monday, Aug. 12
Walker's Point welcomes yet another bar.

The term “Black Sheep” has been used as a movie title (a low-rated 1996 Chris Farley flick) and the name for a brewery (in the United Kingdom). By definition, a black sheep is deviant, although the one black sheep in a white flock is considered good luck by some. Black Sheep bar-restaurant, inside an attractive Cream City brick building in Walker’s Point (216 S. Second St.), opens for business Monday, August 12. Its distinguishing characteristics are a 16-bottle self-serve tap wine system, a menu of $8-$14 plates such as “Sheep Dogs” (hot dogs) and “disco” fries. Interior details include a reclaimed wood-wall art installation depicting vineyards “inspired by famous black sheep.” The bar managers are Jessica Valona (a former bartender at Crazy Water) and her brother, James, who works at the Iron Horse Hotel. Kitchen service hours-to-be: Mon-Sat 4-11 p.m.; Sun 10 a.m. (for brunch)-11 p.m. 

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