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Farm Suppers at Parkside 23
The Brookfield restaurant offers a month of special dinners in its on-site garden.

August is a fruitful month for Parkside 23 (2300 Pilgrim Square Rd., Brookfield, 262-784-7275), which kicked off its first Farm Supper of 2013 last night. Eleven more suppers remain, and while seating is limited, some spots are open. The five-course meal (6:30 p.m.) is preceded by a 6 p.m. tour of Parkside’s garden, where diners find out what’s coming up and how it’s used in the restaurant. The meal is five courses, beginning with a specialty cocktail. (Each course comes with beer and wine pairing.) I’m not privy to the dishes, but that just makes it more fun, no? Chef Jonah Malmstadt is using the farm as his muse. Cost: $100 per person (including wine/beer, tax and gratuity). Parkside also made the list of budget beauties in our August cover story, Cheap Eats. For the restaurant's Monday $10 Burger and Brew deal. Check out the full list of restaurants here. Meanwhile, don't delay if you want a spot at a Parkside Farm Supper. You could be seated inside that tent pictured above. Farm Supper dates: August 5-8, 12-15 and 19-22.

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