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Morning Links for Aug. 5, 2014
Wauwatosa animal cruelty, death by algae and more.
Your morning dose of knowledge.
  • Lake Erie is increasingly being "choked" by algae, says The New York Times, and it requires immediate intervention.
  • Nonprofit Girls Inc. is hoping to raise awareness for underprivileged women and girls in North America with its latest stirring ad campaign. 
  • A Wauwatosa woman is being charged with animal cruelty for leaving her Doberman in her car for three hours on an 88-degree day. According to WauwatosaNow, police noticed the dog was in distress, panting heavily and had defecated all over the car.
  • A national study has declared Wisconsin has the highest closing costs on new mortgages, but the results are baffling locals.
  • Thanks to Wired, you can take a visual tour through Russia's very literally crumbling Communist architecture.

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