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Team Colectivo
It's not just the local Alterra joints that are getting a new name.

During the Alterra-to-Colectivo transition, we learned the company did not also sell its mountain bike team to the Mars Company. It will stay local, just like baristas repeatedly assured us about our coffee last Monday. So naturally, the “Alterra Coffee Mountain Bike Team” has changed its name to Colectivo Coffee Mountain Bike Team and already had its new team kit ready to debut when the company announced its new name.

In the past, the team has hosted rides like the Alterra Coffee Bean Classic (this year’s ride is scheduled for the weekend of Aug. 17), which has featured 2012 U.S. Olympic team member Gwen Jorgensen.

The face of the team is at left, and adorns the new jerseys. It's a little spookier than the previous orange attire,  but we like to think it's the face of someone who just imbibed a 16 oz. coffee and then had to ride a bike for many miles.

If you missed the team’s inaugural ride from Colectivo’s Prospect location last Thursday, check them out this week, as the rebranded team plans to roll through De La Buena’s performance at Thursday’s Musica del Lago at the Colectivo Lakefront location (1701 N. Lincoln Memorial Dr.).

Image courtesy of Colectivo Coffee Mountain Bike Team. 

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