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The Fatty Acids Visit Space in Video for “Airsick”
And we have it first. The band will play the Pabst next week.

It’s only natural that a band named after a science term would eventually go about making a space-themed music video. In advance of the spastic indie rockers’ Pabst Theater release show Sept. 6, The Fatty Acids just put out a new video for the first single, “Airsick,” from forthcoming album Boléro.

Produced by band member Kurt Raether’s Honeycomb Productions company (with editing and animation work by Matthew Dwyer), the Cosmos-inspired video finds most of the Fatties geeking out in front of computers and floating among dancing constellations as they track the movements of satellite/singer Josh Evert through CGI galaxies. As we’ve grown to expect from the band, the video is equal parts inventive and fun.

Next week, Music Notes will have a review of Boléro and will be giving away an advance digital download of the album to one lucky reader. If that’s not enough to hold you over until Friday, here’s a taste of some of the zaniness you can expect to see at the release show.

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