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Cure for the Mondays
Stroll into Rogues Gallery (134 E. Juneau Ave.) on a Monday night, and you might think you’ve been transported to the weekend. The two-story space just off Water Street is a service industry night staple. The Monday night “Bangarang” features half-price drink specials, DJs and a bar packed with people unwinding after a weekend of hard work, rude customers and bad tips.

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Philippe Lefevre Posted: 9/11/2012 5:08:00 PM
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Clearly the writers have never been to The Noble in the fifth ward. MONDAY brunch with bloodies that have tequila in them, beet juice martinis, a man size portion of farm ham and some killer poached eggs. Home made pumpkin muffins in the fall too. Where else can you find MONDAY brunch.
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