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Cupcake Queen

The frosted faceoff came at high noon. Drawn by the prospects of everlasting cupcake glory, four Best Cupcake hopefuls descended upon Bayshore Town Center one bright July day. But we weren’t the judges, dear readers. You were. After a sampling of the showdown’s creations, who won your vote? Did Delicately Delicious’ peanut butter cup cupcake stick to the roof of your ballot? Was it Miss Cupcake’s mouthful of a title – chocolate cake topped with fudge and salted caramel stout buttercream frosting? Perhaps the rich red velvet from Miss Julia’s Bake Shop? Or was the class of the field crafted by Classy Girl Cupcakes, a salted caramel fudge cheesecake. Voting was close. Stomachs were full. But there can be only one winner: Congratulations to Miss Julia’s.

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