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New Planet Discovered in the Third Ward
Sculptor Richard Edelman unveils his "New Pink Planet"
Amid the roar of the Harleys rolling into the Summerfest grounds to kick off the party for the 110th anniversary, a smaller (and slightly more subdued) group of MIAD students, general passersby and art enthusiasts gathered in Catalano Square for the unveiling of a sculpture that can trace its origins light years away. Richard Edelman, who has numerous installations throughout the Third Ward, asked for (and received) assistance from a precious family member of his as well as Third Ward Association executive director Nancy O'Keefe as he pulled back the tarp on his latest, "New Pink Planet." Inspiration first struck Edelman when he heard news of NASA discovering a new planet (GJ 504b). In addition to coinciding with the Harley celebrations, the event also served as an unofficial kickoff for the Third Ward Art Festival, which runs Sat (Aug. 31) and Sun (Sept. 1). It's a great opportunity to see the work up close and perhaps interact with the piece (as it's meant to be). Perhaps hoping to inspire those MIAD students who were on hand, Edelman told the crowed that he hopes they enjoy his sculpture and that "if you don't, I hope you go out and create something better." 

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