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The Faces of Film
To learn more about how the Milwaukee Film Festival happens, we talked to the members of the staff. (Almost) all of them.
Photos by Andrea Hudson

For the past five years, the Milwaukee Film Festival has brought sidesplitting rom-coms, stirring documentaries and fright-filled horror flicks to the city for a multiday film feast. This year will be no different, with more than 200 films scheduled over its 15-day run. To learn more about how the magic happens, we shine a spotlight on six of their wizards of applause.


Jonathan Jackson

Artistic & Executive Director

Kyle Heller

Managing Director

Benjamin Brennan Gunning

Development Director

Blyth Meier

Marketing Director

Angela Catalano

Programming Manager & Cinema Hooligante Programmer

Kristopher Pollard

Membership Coordinator & Executive Assistant

Cara Ogburn

Education Manager

Anna Sampers

Development Coordinator & Shorts Programmer

Kristen Coates

Operations Manager

Milan Zori

Marketing Coordinator

Patrick Wodzinski 

Technical Coordinator

This article appears in the September 2013 issue of Milwaukee Magazine.
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