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Morning Links for Aug. 28, 2013
Some pleas for peace, even when it comes to Time Warner Cable.

The links feature looks at gun legislation and peace gatherings, neither of which may be enough to end the dispute between Time Warner and Journal Communications.

  • Bipartisan gun legislation isn’t a term thrown around too often, but Wisconsin may be getting a taste of it. Bill Lueders of WisconsinWatch.org has a look at statewide reaction to a bill from Republican state Sen. Alberta Darling that has the backing of Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn and Gov. Scott Walker. You probably won’t be surprised to hear that not everybody is singing “Kumbaya” about it.
  • At a more grassroots level, several community organizations recently organized the Fox Field Community Celebration for Peace. Part memorial service, part artistic celebration, part call to end violence, some 50 neighborhood children and their family members gathered at the field near 41st and Brown streets. Andrea Waxman of Neighborhood News Service Milwaukee was there to chronicle what happened.
  • Have some blood? Willing to donate it? Do so today, and it’s worth two free Milwaukee Brewers tickets. The Brewers are hosting the Big League Blood Drive at Miller Park until 7 p.m. WTMJ-AM 620 has some video on what you can expect. And no, Bernie isn’t holding the needle.
  • In other blood news, Brookfield High School students can expect to start seeing breathalyzers at their high school events. According to Brookfield Now, the Elmbrook School Board overwhelmingly approved the use of breathalyzers on students who are suspected to be under the influence of alcohol.
  • And finally, the dispute has dragged on so long that it seems only a federal edict could get TMJ4 back on the TVs of local Time Warner Cable subscribers. Perhaps it will come to just that. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Duane Dudek reports that the Federal Communications Commission is intervening in Time Warner’s dispute with CBS in other markets. It’s a development that eventually could have ramifications on the local impasse.

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