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A Breezy Louisiana Lunch at Maxie's Curbside
Need a Southern food hookup? Some jambalaya and grits and gravy are coming your way.

                                                                Photo by Maureen Post 

N’Awlins lunch on the quick? That’s what Maxie’s Curbside is for. The food cart parked outside Maxie’s (6732 W. Fairview Ave., 414-292-3969) has been serving up a small menu of Big Easy eats on weekdays all summer .  jambalaya (original and vegetarian versions, $7-$8), Carolina pulled pork sandwich with creamy slaw ($6), smoked chicken sandwich (shown above, $7), white cheddar mac and cheese ($7), corn and arugula salad (in photo, $7) and sides like grits with tasso gravy (yep, in the photo, $3) and barbecued beans ($2). Each weekday, Curbside runs a different special -- like shrimp and grits on Mondays ($10) and chopped beef brisket sandwich on Thursdays ($8). Seating available at the patio tables outside Maxie's. Hours: Mon-Fri 11 a.m.-2 p.m. Maxie's Curbside is also open for a rare weekend -- this weekend, for Harley's 110th anniversary festivities (Sat-Sun 11 a.m.-2 p.m.) Closed on Labor Day.

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