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Spartan Race Preview
Who will take the title of top dog, er, sausage?
Organizers of the Spartan Race, which takes place Nov. 2 at Miller Park, will not reveal whether Bernie Brewer's slide will be a part of the obstacle race. Program manager Beth Barbaglia insists that since life won't reveal the obstacles it will throw your way, neither will she. Still, should you find yourself intrigued by competing in a race that alternately makes competitors endure "burpees" as a penalty, causes some participants to lose their lunch and rewards you with an "American Gladiator"-style beatdown at the finish line, Barbaglia recommends throwing spears in your spare time to ready yourself for the javelin toss.

On Tuesday afternoon, the Brewers offered a sneak preview of the course for members of the media. And while this intrepid reporter wasn't able to participate (our insurers insisted I would not be covered should I suffer any tears or breaks, I swear), we can tell you that the Klement's Racing Sausages are no joke when it comes to feats of strength. No matter their casing or filling, the Sausages were gamely climbing walls, doing lunges while lifting heavy pipes and lugging tires down the first-base line. If you're on the fence about taking part, stop by Helfaer Field Oct. 5 at 8am for a pre-race workout to see if you think you could survive. Bernie Brewer will be a part of it, so the workout couldn't be all that bad, right?

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