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Family-Friendly Fare
We didn't forget the kids.
1. What happens when a group known for making beautiful music adds a world-renowned violinist to its ranks? Does it make beautiful-er music? We can’t answer that without further mangling the Queen’s English, but we will be in the audience to see what happens when the Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra welcomes violinist Frank Almond as its first artist-in-residence. Oct. 15. Schwan Concert Hall. 

2. The city’s second-largest theater company – and yes, it’s a kids troupe – begins its 28th season with a world premiere of Eric Coble’s Sherlock Holmes: The Baker Street Irregulars. First Stage will re-create the streets of London for this mystery, while John Nicholson’s tunes – inspired by doses of Mumford & Sons and Stomp – get even more kids in on the act. Oct. 17-Nov. 15. Marcus Center for the Performing Arts. 

Photo by David Scheinmann

3. Although dinosaurs haven’t been seen in this neck of the woods for approximately 65 million years, for kids of a certain age, their popularity is far from extinct. Capitalizing on that interest, Walking with Dinosaurs mines the special-effects tricks from the movie industry to create monstrous beasts that will storm the BC. Oct. 15-19. BMO Harris Bradley Center. 

4. In its 45-year run, “Sesame Street” has almost never made a misstep. Its educational content continues to teach with pop-culture skits that get parents to crack a smile. With its touring show Sesame Street Live: Let’s Dance, Elmo, Big Bird and the rest of the ’hood continue to show off all the right moves. Nov. 28-30. BMO Harris Bradley Center. 

5. Author Mac Barnett and illustrator Jon Klassen have collected a ton of hardware for their work on children’s books. And Milwaukee is lucky enough to host the launch event for their latest, Sam and Dave Dig a Hole. Oct. 14. Boswell Book Company. 

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