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On the Marquee for the Week of Aug. 26, 2013
The local film scene explodes with a wealth of options this week.

A big week of events in store locally with tons of fun screening events for you to partake in (Friday is chockablock!), so without further ado….

Wednesday, Aug. 28th: Dixie
7:30 p.m. (doors open 6:30 p.m.) @ Charles Allis Art Museum ($7/5/free for General Admission/Seniors and Students/Museum members)

The Charles Allis Art Museum keeps them heads Bingin’ with the next film in their Crosby retrospective, the 1943 Daniel Emmett biopic Dixie. Never released on VHS, DVD or shown on TV this is an incredibly rare opportunity to take in a movie otherwise forgotten. Emmett produced Minstrel Shows, so it’s no surprise that a movie celebrating the creation of such things would be swept under the rug. But those interested in cinema history might want to take in this rare opportunity.

Thursday, Aug. 29th: The Wayward Sun
10 p.m. @ Rosebud Theater ($5 @ box office, or rosebudtickets.com)

For those of us looking for a little local flavor in our moviegoing this week, let me recommend the world premiere of the new film from the director of The Amateur Monster Movie, which follows two friends wandering the desert in the aftermath of a car wreck. Haunted by varied visions of Death, the weary travelers begin to unravel as they attempt to make it to the nearest town. The trailer shows off some lovely desert landscape footage in the service of what looks like a pretty interesting film! Check it out:


Friday, Aug. 30th: The Grandmaster
Check with AMC Mayfair 18 for showtimes/prices

Start off this amazing Friday filled with movie events by taking in the newest work from one of our living legends, Wong Kar-wai. This biopic of the legendary Ip Man (played here by Tony “THE BEST” Leung), the man who trained Bruce Lee, looks to be filled with the visual grandiosity and focus on the tactile and sensual that makes all of Kar-wai’s movies experiences to savor. Every new film from him is a gift, and for one to be opening reasonably wide across our country is a godsend. Don’t miss this one.

Friday, Aug. 30th: Marvel’s The Avengers
Festivities begin 5 p.m., Movie begins between 8 and 9@ Milwaukee Lakefront @ Discovery World (FREE!)

The local delight that is our Fish Fry and Flick series begins this Friday with a movie well-deserving of a receptive beer-battered crowd: Marvel’s the Avengers. Joss Whedon perfectly encapsulates what made superhero comics into my childhood heroin, and apparently he was able to communicate that to a large portion of the population what with the No. 3 on the all-time box office list and all. The third act of this movie is like mainlining splash panels from my favorite superhero team-ups directly into your eyeball. The weather looks like it should hold, so there’s really no reason for you not to come out and enjoy this.

Friday, Aug. 30th: Sharknado
Midnight @ Times Cinema ($5!)

I personally don’t have much affinity for the Asylum pictures. I appreciate the crass commercialism of them releasing DVDs with titles like Alien vs Hunter and Transmorphers pretty much solely to dupe people into purchasing them while the actual movie they think they’re getting is still playing in theaters, but the enterprise isn’t coming from an honest place which is reflected in the movies. Nobody involved thinks they’re making something worthwhile, and what fun is it to put down something genetically engineered to generate snark? But for those of you who prefer a little self-awareness compared to the Birdemics and Rooms of this world, Sharknado is making a big-screen bow at midnight at the Times Cinema. Ian Ziering, Tara Reid and John Heard are all involved in this story about a metorological phenomena not soon to be replicated. Taste it below:

Saturday, Aug. 31st & Sunday Sept. 1st: Galaxy Quest
10:30 a.m. @ Times Cinema ($4!)

Hot off the heels of Star Trek fans voting it the seventh best Star Trek movie of all time despite, you know, not actually being one comes a great chance to check out a tremendously underrated movie on the big screen. Galaxy Quest captures the spirit at the core of the best of Star Trek and is pretty hilarious to boot. Sigourney Weaver sex-pottin’, young Sam Rockwell and some nifty practical FX all help make this the best live-action movie Tim Allen has ever made. Sorry For Richer or Poorer.

Sunday, Sept. 1st: Olympus Has Fallen, Un Flic and The Purge
3 p.m., 8 p.m., 10 p.m. @ UWM Union Theatre (FREE!)

Also beginning this week is the fall season for the UWM Union Theatre, one of the best places to take in a movie in the entire city. And as always, they bust out the crowd-pleasers for the welcome back week for students. Earlier in the week you can take in Star Trek Into Darkness (But why would you do that? Is everything OK at home?) or Furious Six (aka Fast and Furious Six aka MUSCLECARS, MUSCLEDUDES AND MUSCLELADIES), but the eclectic Sunday lineup is where it’s at. Between the old-school wanton violence mixed with isolationist politics of Olympus Has Fallen, the extreme cool of Jean-Pierre Melville’s last film and Ethan Hawke and Cersei Lannister fighting off dystopian home invaders that is a pretty great triple feature. It nicely encapsulates the whole high art/low art thing Union Theatre balances so nicely as well. Check out the website to see the rest of the welcome back week schedule, as well as some other upcoming flicks (V/H/S 2? Yes, please!).

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