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The Most Creative Milwaukeeans
We want your opinion on the best and the brightest.

We're constantly searching for Milwaukeeans who are breaking the boundaries of creativity. From chefs whose menus know no bounds to artists, fashion designers, engineers and executives who make us think: Are we doing everything we can to make Milwaukee better? Are we challenging ourselves and those with power to continually improve our city? 

Now we're out to find those creative thinkers whose work has – at the very least -  started the conversation. Do you know someone who fits the bill? We want to hear about them. We'll be profiling the most creative Milwaukeeans for an upcoming issue. And you just might see their faces on the cover. 

To submit a nomination, please email the following to claire.hanan@milwaukeemag.com before Aug. 16.  

1. A brief biography of the person you're nominating. 
2. His or her resume. (Optional)
3. A brief statement about why this person should make the cut. 

Image via Shutterstock. 

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POSTED 1/12/2015