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Scott Walker Presidential Run 2016
Is our governor big enough to climb aboard?
On Jan. 1, as President Barack Obama closed in on his second term – and while many nursed hangovers and black coffee – was Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker nursing hopes for a 2016 presidential run? If actions speak louder than words, then the rising Republican was about to hint that, at the very least, he wasn’t ruling out the prospect. Candidates for state office don’t typically court party stalwarts in Connecticut, Iowa, California, Texas, New York and Florida, as Walker did, drawing on a network assembled during 2012’s recall race. Meanwhile, political correspondent David Catanese’s website, therun2016.com, was looking hard at Walker and ranking him as one of four Republicans in the party’s “first tier” of potential candidates. But does the first-term governor have the credentials to turn 15 minutes as the GOP’s “it” guy into a stay at the Oval Office? 
This article appears in the August 2013 issue of Milwaukee Magazine.
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