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Cut Lines for August 2, 2013
Iron Horse's new retail space, weekend sales and a plus-size lament.
How is it August already? Someone tell me. Because I can't seem to figure out how we had three weeks of typical summer weather, and now all I want are fall layers to go with these 65-degree temps. And while we're talking about layers, if you're the type who likes to sift through the fall collections as soon as they hit the stores, I recommend doing so now. But first, let's consume some newsy bits. 
  • The Iron Horse Hotel opened a retail space - dubbed Mercantile - yesterday on its ground floor. Although in a statement the space is obnoxiously described as a "carefully curated collection of luxe gifts" (isn't merch at every retail store carefully selected?), the store will offer locally made treats, candles, pet paraphernalia and cooking ingredients. It's a hodgepodge assortment to be sure, but Iron Horse earns points for the local connections. 
  • In sale-related news, Flagship (706 N. Milwaukee St.) is having a denim trunk show tomorrow from 1-5 p.m., all earrings at Flirt (317 N. Broadway) are 50 percent off, and tomorrow morning starting at 8 a.m. the Alterra on the Lake will be selling its Alterra-branded merch at steep discounts. 
  • Plus-size clothing: a perennial lament. And for good reason. Fashionista has the latest takedown, which decries the mainstream brands (think: MICHAEL by Michael Kors) that sell plus-size collections but don't advertise them, and the undergraduate fashion design programs that don't even teach design skills on plus-size dress forms. (I'm  happy to report Mount Mary's program is not one of these.)
  • The Daily Beast has a look at what they're calling fashion's "new power clique." Members of the click aren't really new, but the Beast is enthralled that the clique's members have managed to be very successful, despite taking non-traditional paths up the steps of fashion's pantheon. 
  • Earlier this week, The New York Times featured a report on now-closed beauty schools that have left their students with sub-par educations and loads of debt. Some of those schools, most of which were based in New York, have been federally prosecuted. 

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