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Choose a _____ Thought
A game for making your own propaganda of the mind.

Anyone who works, shops, dines or occasionally drives through the Third Ward has probably seen this mural that appeared without fanfare -- or even a simple press release -- earlier this summer. Has its exhortation influenced anyone's thinking? Has it even prompted some passersby to rather shockingly select a negative thought? We'll probably never know.

Hanson Dodge Creative and fitness store Lululemon designed the mural and say it'll remain in place at 220 E. Buffalo St. indefinitely, which is probably for the best. Between the Milwaukee Public Market, Starbucks and the Marshall Building, there are scads of artistic types in the vicinity, and we wouldn't want anybody cutting an ear off, or something.

In further support of the local creative community, we're offering an exclusive Web game, the Milwaukee Magazine Wall Saying Maker, which allows you to conceptualize your own bit of wisdom for public consumption -- and also watch as it's splashed across a blank canvas of bricks.

For the wall, we selected a bare space at Broadway and Chicago that vaguely resembles the one used above.

In crafting this distraction, we were aided immensely by the awesome powers of Twine and a young Australian programmer by the name of Leon Arnott, who has released a number of very useful macros for the system.

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MOST Commented
Doom, Reconsidered
POSTED 1/9/2015