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Morning Links for Aug. 20, 2014
Today's Morning Links brings you the latest.

Here’s a mix of news for your morning wake-up.

  • The Islamic State posted a video on Tuesday that appeared to show the beheading of Marquette University graduate, James Foley. Intelligence officers are now studying the video. 
  • A Milwaukee man singled out Gov. Scott Walker’s son and sent threatening messages to him on Twitter. Robert Peffer is due in court on Monday.
  • If you missed those revved-up, roundy-round cars this weekend, don’t worry. The Milwaukee Mile plans to return next summer, despite dwindling attendance.
  • Cross your fingers, toes and eyeballs. Self-serve beer machines could be heading to Miller Park.
  • T-Swift’s new music video, showcasing a mix of wild twerking and ballet, is under fire for racism

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