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Fashion Plus Design
All on one runway.

Every year, Callen Construction partners with Common Ground Ministry/Elena’s House to produce a fashion show fundraiser.  Tickets are $40 and all proceeds go to support Elena's House. Read more about it here. This year's event will be held tonight., Aug. 20, beginning at 5:30 pm. 

In addition to the live band, appetizers, cocktails and a silent auction, there’s also the fashion show which will be hosted this year by Bjorn Nasett, Milwaukee's own Fashion Farm Boy.  My favorite part about this show is that they pair home design pieces with fashion, literally having the models walk down the runway with granite samples and sinks.

This year, local boutiques will dress models to fit with four (rhyming) themes: clever combinations; artistic interpretations; evening motivations; and classic colorations. 

I asked Bjorn what he forecasted for hair and makeup trends this fall, and he said, “In general, we are seeing a trend toward a darker lip reminiscent of the '90s, a smokey grey or brown eye, and textured messy hair for the most part, either put up, or flowing and wild.”

Cara Delevigne sporting the popular hair
 and makeup look at the Cannes Film Festival.

And for fall fashion trends, Bjorn says, “As with many movements in fashion, we’re seeing a return to the looks of the '90s in some ways. Simplistic shapes for dresses, the use of leather incorporated in a lot of designs, and a longer skirt length from the knee to mid calf. The 'midi,' if you will. There will also be a lot of cropped sweaters and jackets that will pair well with the high-waist trend in slacks, skirts and jeans. Photo print fabrics, and unusual prints will also be quite prevalent, along with the use of metallic and white accents.”

I’ve attended this event multiple times in the past and it’s put on really well. The surroundings are great, and it’s a fun mixture of people. It’s also fun to walk through the Callen showroom and draw inspiration for your home. Hope to see you there!

Homepage image via Shutterstock.com.

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