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Pet Adoption Campaign Features Local Personalities
Hugs and hair abound.
Milwaukee Animal Alliance's "Adopt Local" campaign features some familiar (human) faces and at least one celebrity cat. So many, in fact, that local celebs-hugging-animals could be Milwaukee's very own charitable meme. Sheriff David Clarke, Alderman Bob Donovan, Midwest Roller Derby Collective skaters Bonesy and Dollface, and quite a few more, round out the humans paired with some adorable four-legged models, all of which have been adopted. The campaign is intended to support local shelters and rescues that make a practice of keeping Wisconsin-found animals in the state, and to encourage local animal adoption.

Be sure to take a close look at the poster with the derby skaters. You'll notice a tough-looking orange tabby named Daniel, who has an impressive 26 toes.

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