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Calliope Debuts "Casino"
Watch the video here.

When we last checked in with Milwaukee psych-rockers Calliope back in June, they were prepping the vinyl release for the trippy, fuzzed-out six-song EP Orbis at Linneman's Riverwest Inn. In our Q&A, keyboardist and singer Al Kraemer and guitarist Vic Buell explained the influence that attending Austin Psych Fest had on the band's sound, they listed some unusual musical heroes and they revealed a dangerous make-believe gauntlet idea involving Aaron Rodgers and some pieces of wood.

Now, the band is back with an appropriately psychedelic music video for the EP’s single, “Casino,” that strays from the song’s gambling themes—though, there is at least one reference if you look close enough—and instead takes a listener through a vivid, kaleidoscopic trance filled with crystal balls, sprouting mushrooms, billowing clouds and desert highways galore. Strap on some headphones, ready your 3-D glasses and watch the Buell-directed video below.


Calliope plays the Easy Riders & Eastsiders Rally (located on North Avenue between Farwell and Prospect avenues) on Friday, August 29 with GGOOLLDD, Delta Routine, Cactus Bros. and Jayk. The show starts at 5 p.m.

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