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Milwaukee Mag on the Radio
Our editors hit up your local airwaves for some not-so-revisionist history.

Can’t get enough of Milwaukee Magazine? We’re giving you one more opportunity to interact with us – and this time there’s no revisions. We’ll join the Film Festival, Art City and others in WMSE’s noon slot. Tune in tomorrow for our inaugural show.

Here’s the press release from WMSE:

Tuesday: Noon – 12:30pm - No Revisions

Hosts: Milwaukee Magazine staff, featuring Editor Kurt Chandler and Senior Editor Howie Magner

What happens when you over caffeinate a few city magazine editors and replace their delete keys with microphones? The voices of Milwaukee Magazine come off the pages and onto the airwaves, reflecting and dissecting the personalities, stories and issues of the city we call home. Join a rotating cast of MilMag editors and share in their access to the area’s cultural leaders and tastemakers, all painstakingly forged through years of crafting “Best Of” issues and awkwardly intimate profiles. Hear the stories behind the stories along with their takes on whatever may have the town talking today. On-air fact-checking not guaranteed.

Read the entire release here.

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