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Morning Links for Aug. 15, 2014
Brad Schimel, the fatal robbery in Bayside and Tamara Grigsby.
What we're reading on this Friday morning.
  • A story in the August issue concerns bank robberies at the intersection of Port Washington and Brown Deer roads, the scene of a fatal shooting on Thursday. According to the Journal Sentinel, police are questioning two "people of interest" in the robbery.
  • State Sen. Glenn Grothman remains confident that he won the close race of the 6th Congressional District, WisPolitics reports. A number of counties are still counting absentee ballots.
  • A proper contest is shaping up between Republican Brad Schimel and recently victorious Democratic candidate for state attorney general Susan Happ. The Associated Press details the issues.
  • A former Democratic state representative for Milwaukee, Tamara Grigsby, has accepted a Dane County job working as community relations director for County Executive Joe Parisi, the State Journal is reporting. Grigsby retired from the Assembly in 2013 after the fight over Act 10 and her own battle with cancer.
  • Is it wrong to swear in front of your kids? Police in South Carolina jailed a woman for disorderly conduct after she told her husband, in front of said kids, to "stop squishing the f---ing bread."

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