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Morning Links for Thursday, Aug. 15
An unusual birth, a big revelation, and the new god-awfully-crazy Cronut Burger.
It's like brushing your teeth and putting on clean underwear. Don't start your day without checking out our Morning Links:

  • It's big revelation time! While being interviewed at Los Angeles' LAX airport, pro wrestler Darren Young stuns the cameraman by revealing his sexual orientation.

  • Felt a little melancholy lately? Maybe you should stay away from Facebook. A new study from the University of Michigan found a correlation between Facebook use and negative feelings.


  • You’ve probably heard of the Cronut, right? The donut-croissant hybrid created by New York pastry chef Dominique Ansel. Of course people want to cash in on the Cronut craze. But a Maple Bacon Jam Cronut Burger?!  

  • An 53-year-old Iowa woman gave birth to healthy twin girls. They just happen to be her grandchildren. Huh?

  • He's not dead! After reports surfaced that former NFL player William "The Refrigerator" Perry had retired to that Great Football Field in the Sky, Perry's agent has set the record straight. 

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