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Morning Links for Aug. 14, 2013
Read on to find a measuring stick for your backflips.

West Nile is back, a local hippo is gone, and a young Milwaukee gymnast's dreams know no end. Just part of your daily dose of Morning Links.

  • There's no denying the West Nile virus is back in Milwaukee. Health Department officials discovered the year's first mosquito pools that are carrying the virus. Milwaukee had 15 West Nile cases in 2012, one of which was fatal. FOX6 has more on the story.
  • Milwaukee County Zoo officials have confirmed the Sunday death of a 37-year-old named hippopotamus named Puddles. The female hippo is survived by its mother Patti, who also resides in Milwaukee's zoo. WISN TV has a photo and comments from Puddles' extended family, the zookeepers, and Wauwatosa Now took a closer look at Milwaukee's hippo life back in 2011.
  • The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's Gary D'Amato profiles a 17-year-old Milwaukee gymnast who is bringing to mind the Olympic potential of former gold medalist, Paul Hamm. Meet Marvin Kimble.
  • PolitiFact Wisconsin takes a closer look at some late-July comments by Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, wherein he favorably compared his policies with those of President Franklin Roosevelt. Where does the Truth-O-Meter land?
  • The Racine County Board has rejected a proposal that doesn't even exist. The Racine Journal Times reports how the board's unanimous vote "pre-emptively opposed any taxation for constructing a new Milwaukee Bucks arena."
  • And finally, the website Epicure & Culture (tagline: food, wine & culture for the ethical traveler) raves about Milwaukee's craft cocktails. Highlights include Bryant's Cocktail Lounge and Smyth at the Iron Horse Hotel, where you can experience Milwaukee's "rich 'Old Fashioned' culture." But the most impressive thing about the story? We count only one mention of beer.

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