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Anonymous Website Collecting Names for Donovan
Does it matter? Should anyone care? Maybe.
Ald. Bob Donovan tells the Journal Sentinel that he knew nothing about the website and billboard that appeared recently urging him to run for mayor, though whoever registered the domain for the former (imisstheoldmilwaukee.com) did so anonymously using the company Domains by Proxy.

This wouldn't be surprising, seeing as the site reveals next to nothing about the "group of friends and acquaintances" behind the attempt at collecting an email list of potential supporters. BUT, and this is a big but, the billboard lists the names of its creators in man-sized font: "Mark T. Dudenhoefer and Steve Smith," two critics of Barrett.

So why the secrecy surrounding the domain's registrar?

Mark T. Dudenhoefer is a former Milwaukee police officer who runs Dok Champa, an Asian gifts store on the South Side.

Mark T. Dudenhoefer

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