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An Official Lebowski Brunch, Man
The menu is tailor-made for abiding dudes.

Lebowski Fest is a two-day ride of robe-wearing, White Russian-drinking for all abiding Milwaukeeans (Aug. 17-18). Events include an outdoor movie (of The Big Lebowski, dudes) and bowling party. In honor of so momentous an event, the Lowlands Group cafes are doing something special – and not just for nihilists. All dudes. It’s the Official Lebowski Hangover Brunch on Sunday the 18th. The menus are said to have the Dude seal of approval. All Lowlands restaurants – Cafe Centraal, the two Café Hollanders, Benelux and Trocadero -- are participating. The menus vary. Here’s what I know: Benelux is serving a Caucasian French toast (Kahlua and cream-soaked brioche), In and Out Burger (topped with bacon and blue cheese) and a riff on their Bloody Mary called The Maude (served with a mini White Russian chaser). Centraal's brunch menu includes the "Nihilist" lingonberry pancakes, The Dude's French toast (Corn Flake-crusted, topped with coconut and White Russian sauce), and "The Strangers" Sioux City sarsparilla float (spiked with vodka or not). Dudes, just roll out of bed, put on your robe and lumber over. Hours: Cafés Hollander, Centraal and Benelux 8 a.m.-3 p.m.; Trocadero 9 a.m.-3 p.m.

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